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Muzeum i Archiwum Polonii Australijskiej

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The Polish Museum and Archives in Australia (Muzeum i Archiwum Polonii Australijskiej)
The Annales of the PMAA/Rocznik MAPA have been first published in 1996. The series publishes interdisciplinary scholarship on the history of Poland with a specific focus on Polish migration to Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. It aims to document, promote and disseminate knowledge through discussion of historical knowledge. The publication also aspires to contribute to a broader understanding of the social, economic, and political culture of the Polish Australian community. The 2022 edition will be published on the first anniversary of the passing of its founder and first editor Dr. Zdzislaw Andrzej Derwinski. Fields of interest: Historical and cultural studies, incorporating fields such as archive studies, genealogy, art history, and social sciences. Specific focus on history of Polish migration to Australia, New Zealand and Oceania; Polish-Australian relations; Migratory movements; and History of Poland.

The MAPA/PMAA requirements:
1. The text, in English or Polish, must not exceed 35-40,000 characters, including spaces and notes. PMAA Annales/ Rocznik MAPA has adopted the Chicago Manual of Style.
2. The volume will be published online and in paper version. Each Author can accompany the text with images (max. 5/6), in the most common formats; the author must ensure that is authorised to publish them). They will be published in colour in the online version and in black and white in the paper version.
3. All submissions will be evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds. The screening will be done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors will be also a subject to a double-blind peer review undertaken by members of the Editorial Board or an external specialist.
4. To the article, the Author must attach an abstract in English (max. 250 words), 5 keywords in English and a Biographical Statement (max. 100 words) containing the Authors full name and affiliation, personal history, academic program and position, research fields, current research project and institutional e-mail (not required).

The final deadline for the paper's submission will be June 30th, 2022.

Polish Museum and Archives Australia
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Attention: Rocznik

The Polish Museum and Archives in Australia was established in 1991 as an initiative of a number of people who saw the importance of collecting and preserving historical materials that reflected the individual and community life of Polish immigrants living in Australia. The organisation was incorporated in 1992.
The aims of the organisation are to:
Current Activities and Projects

The Polish Soldier Migrant Project:
In 1947 and 1948 Australia accepted a very specific Polish migrant. Over 1,500 former members of the Polish military based in the United Kingdom arrived in Australia aboard the “Asturias” and the “Strathnaver”. These men represented various military services including the Carpathian Brigade, the Air Force, Armoured Division and the Second Corps. A sizeable number worked on the Hydro-Electric Scheme in Tasmania; but many were sent to various parts of Australia. These men were vital to the establishment of Polish community structures in the following decades. They also represent a significant prelude to the massive post-war Polish migration from the displaced persons camps scattered throughout Western Europe.
The Polish Museum and Archives in Australia is seeking to document this unique group of Polish soldier migrants in the form of a publication and is currently conducting research. You can register your details here.

Collections Project:

The Polish Museum and Archives continually seeks significant objects, documents and photographs that relate to the story of Polish post war migration experiences. It would be a lost opportunity to make our mark on the multicultural mosaic of Australia and for our own sense of cultural identify, if we were to lose these treasures, just because their true significance was not recognised at the time.

Oral History Project:

The post-war Polish immigrants are today our senior citizens. It is therefore important to document the experiences of these early pioneers. Such experiences include:
It is vital that these stories be recorded and passed down to future generations of Polish Australians. They should also be documented as part of the greater multicultural Australian experience.

If you would like to donate an object to the collection, please contact the President,
or fill in the form here.

If you would like to share your story as part of our oral history programme,
please contact the President,
or fill in the form here.

If you would like to make a financial donation please forward your cheque or money order to the Polish Museum and Archives in Australia, or direct deposit to BSB 063100, account no 1020 3665, name of account: Polish Museum and Archives.